Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Best Tips For Black Friday Deals
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Black Friday didnt get its name because people all dress in dark clothes to shop in an effort to camouflage the six-pound thanksgiving weight gain. Although, that does make sense. Its so named because its traditionally the first day of the year when many retailers first see a profit.But if theres anyone more excited about Black Friday than retai...

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Are You Like Other Home Buyers?
Written By: Blanche Evans

If youre like most homebuyers, youre not taking any chances. You want to own a home, but youve struggled to save for a down-payment. You waited until you were 31 years of age to buy a home, and plan to stay there at least 10 years. You believe that buying a home is a sound investment.Like other buyers, your dream of owning a home was delayed by ...

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Why Real Estate Market Conditions Matter
Written By: Blanche Evans

A Comparable Market Analysis CMA can tell you what buyers recently paid for homes similar to yours, but thats not all you need to know to choose the right listing price. You need to know the markets appetite for your home, and that can only come from an overview of your communitys current market conditions.Market conditions are like a weather re...

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4 Things To Look For When Buying a Desert Home
Written By: Jesse Miller

Theres quite a lot to love about the desert. From Texas to Colorado to Arizona, homeowners have delighted in the natural beauty, unique ecosystem, and feel of this special environment, and have happily made the most out of everything it has to offer: stunning sunsets, breathtaking storms, and a sense of cultural pride that can only be found in t...

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Stylish Bath Storage Solutions: Ways to Complement Your Bathroom Vanity
Written By: Joseph Truini for The Home Depot

Finding adequate storage is a particularly challenging problem in bathrooms, and not just because they are usually the smallest rooms in the house. Bathrooms have increasingly become the place to store a large and diverse number of items, including bath towels, beauty supplies, toiletries, hair care products, medications, soaps, shampoo, and ass...

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How To Use Black Friday Deals To Transform Your House
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Black Friday is great for holiday gifts at a discount. This we know. But have you considered how you can use the great discounts being offered EVERYWHERE to give your home a lift? We have. And were not alone."Okay, so purchases for the home might not be the sexiest things to buy during this monster shopping season. But you could potentially save...

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15 Ways To Prepare For a Rainy, Icy, Snowy El Nino
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

If the forecasts are right, its going to be a bumpy weather. Record rains are predicted - greatish for Californians whove been suffering under drought conditions, except for that pesky potential for floods. In other areas, below-normal temperature and above-normal snow and ice are the fears."If El Nino rainfall predictions are correct, this fall...

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The Jills are pleased to offer 2122 Bay Avenue on Sunset Island Number 4,...

The Jills listing 3849 Leafy Way has just been reduced to $2.4 million from...

The Jills are pleased to introduce 3575 Flamingo Drive to the Miami Beach...