Updated: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ask the HOA Expert: The Process To Handle A Recall Petition
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: I serve on our HOA board. Certain members have circulated a recall petition against two of the directors and obtained the required number of signatures based on our bylaws. The next board meeting is coming up soon and the petitioners want the recall resolved then. What is the normal process to handle a recall?Answer: Normally, a recall...

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Americas Educators Cant Afford Homes: What Now?
Written By: Mikkie Mills

Buying a home is part of the American dream, and every citizen strives to achieve that lifetime goal at some point in their lives. However, for many American teachers, the goal seems blurred due to the skyrocketing home prices and the seemingly stagnant teachers salary in most states.Buying a Home in the U.S.The real estate industry in the U.S. ...

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Three Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Do Before the Holidays
Written By: Realty Times Staff

We put a lot of time and care into the things which make December the most wonderful time of the year for us. But what about our businesses? How can we make sure they will develop and grow successfully in the coming year?1. Draw the line and learn the lessonsApplying your own critical eye is one of the most important ways you can improve your bu...

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