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Miami Beach has a rich history that goes back several decades. Today, this city in South Florida is one of the most important and popular tourism hotspots in the country as well as one of the best places to call home. With its many unique Miami Beach condos, the city offers a lifestyle and a high end condominium for everyone.
One of the condos that best represents Miami Beach’s rich history and still manages to give newer Miami Beach condos a “run for their money” is the Bath Club. Its history spans over sixty years yet this beachfront condo continues to remain one of the most popular buildings in the city, still boasting features that other condos have yet to match like a ballroom and a gourmet market. On top of this the building also has amenities like a pair of tennis courts, billiards, and a large health spa.
Also make sure to explore the unique residences of the Bath Club. It features an eclectic mix of amazing villas and stylish tower units available in more than seven unique floor plans.
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