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You can find numerous Miami Beach homes on one of the many manmade islands neighborhoods like Star Island or Hibiscus Island. Explore the Venetian Way for example and you'll notice a sextet of residential neighborhoods that each have their own name but are collectively referred to as the Venetian Islands. Di Lido, San Marco, Rivo Alto, Belle Isle, San Marino and Biscayne Island each offer gorgeous residences in a setting that is absolutely exquisite.

Like all of the other Miami Beach islands, each of the Venetian Islands features some of the finest Miami Beach luxury real estate. This is usually comprised of a large assortment of waterfront homes with sprawling yards and unbelievably spacious interior homes. General features usually include boat docks as well as swimming pools and of course stunning views. In addition, a few islands also feature small Miami Beach condos if you'd prefer that option.

One of the best things about choosing the Miami Beach homes of the Venetian Islands is the Venetian Way that runs through each isle. Venetian Way is well known for the many locals seen walking, jogging, biking or giving their pampered pets a stroll on a sunny day. You too can enjoy this wonderful lifestyle by choosing any one of the beautiful Venetian Islands.

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