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You could spend days if not months exploring the wealth of Miami Beach condos and you’ll usually come across a familiar cast of well established names that represent the finest of these condos. Murano at Portofino, ICON, Apogee, chances are you’ve heard of some of these buildings. Another fine example that you may not have heard is South of Fifth, also known as S5.

The S5 has that same desirable location Miami Beach condos are known for, right within the South Beach area and steps away from the coastline. It slightly differentiates itself by offering standard albeit high end residential units as well as a collection of guest suites and rooms. As part of the hotel amenities, free continental breakfast is offered. You’ll find great standard features like a pool and a fitness center, making South of Fifth one of the most all inclusive and well rounded Miami Beach condos.

Of course we can’t discuss S5 without restating the superb location it shares with neighboring Miami Beach condos. South Beach is always where you’ll find the best entertainment and the richest array of dining and culture. With a park next door to S5, another in South Pointe and the ocean nearby, you really should take some time to explore what South of Fifth has to offer.

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