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Miami Beach Luxury Homes Neighborhood Spotlight - Golden Beach

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miami Beach Luxury Homes Neighborhood Spotlight - Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a small community, but it is unique in one aspect when it comes to Miami Beach luxury homes. This town is one of only a few in south Florida that has homes along the beachfront rather than condominiums. This creates their own private beachfront paradise and the homes here are luxurious, spacious and sit on large lots. These Miami Beach luxury homes are typically five and six bedroom homes and some have backyard pools.

Golden Beach is mainly single family homes and this is what makes it the ideal spot for those who are looking for a unique lifestyle. The opposite side of Golden Beach is intracoastal property and homes located here remind you of bay front homes. This is likely due to the waterway being wider than normal thus providing spectacular waterfront views. This area is truly a paradise for those who love the water and all activities associated with it.

Located in the northeast corner of the county, Golden Beach is home to only about 1,000 people. The community resides on a small piece of land on a barrier island that it shares with Miami Beach and Sunny Isles. The location allows the proximity to the water, both the intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to the single family homes that are exclusive to this area, the population remains low and results in the tranquil setting of this area of Florida. If beachfront and rest and relaxation are part of your requirements for a home, Miami Beach luxury homes in this area are the ones you will want to see before making a choice.

Although Golden Beach will provide you with all the seclusion you want, it is nice to know it is not far from downtown Miami, Hollywood Beach and Miami Beach. If you feel the urge to get away and enjoy shopping or a bit of the Florida nightlife, you are close enough to do so.

When you find yourself looking for Miami Beach luxury homes, you will find Golden Beach is only a few miles long, but it is a breathtakingly beautiful area and one of the most sought after places to live.

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