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Miami Beach Luxury Homes in Key Biscayne

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miami Beach Luxury Homes in Key Biscayne

Miami Beach luxury homes have long been the home of many high-profile individuals such as celebrities, sports figures and more. Those who prefer to live away from the resort area of Miami Beach or the hustle of downtown Miami find their homes in the Key Biscayne area where life is more tranquil and secluded. Miami Beach luxury homes provide a break from the chaotic lifestyle and allow the residents to enjoy Key Biscayne for the relaxation they need. This island just off Miami Beach has been the spot for many celebrities who were looking for the more peaceful atmosphere offered here. Richard Nixon and Brad Pitt are two that have lived in Key Biscayne. There are condos located here but the Miami Beach luxury homes that hold the most appeal are the waterfront homes. The homes vary from mansions with ten bedrooms to three story homes of the “Old Florida” style.

The lifestyle here is enjoyed by many from the celebrities getting away from it all to those who love the area for the proximity to the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. One of the reasons many people desire the Miami Beach luxury homes on Key Biscayne is the city maintains their own regulations which keep it the tranquil place that it has become. It is not overly populated and the environment has been preserved. The beaches are protected and have far less traffic than many Florida beaches. Access to the island is the Rickenbacker Causeway and it is taxed for those who do not live on Key Biscayne. Keeping the island exclusive means there are fewer crowds and the environment stays more natural. Miami Beach luxury homes on Biscayne Island typically have larger lots and this also adds to the privacy and seclusion that people who buy here expect. The benefit of the nearly private beaches and the scenic areas are only part of the draw to this island. It is perhaps the attractively old-fashioned appeal of the island in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Miami Beach. In addition, the fact that it has remained this way for so many years pulls those who want the lifestyle that Miami Beach luxury homes on Biscayne Island can provide.

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