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Miami Beach Waterfront Homes - Hibiscus Island

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miami Beach Waterfront Homes - Hibiscus Island

Miami Beach waterfront homes are becoming one of the most desired areas of the city. The man-made islands, the Venetian Islands, are located between the mainland of Miami and Miami Beach and contain one that has quite an ambiance. Hibiscus Island is desired for its beautiful location and because it is a nice place to live. The properties are large, privacy is assured, security is tight and the Miami Beach waterfront homes are high-end and designed with luxury in mind.

Hibiscus Island is one place you will not want to miss touring. If you are in the market for Miami Beach waterfront homes this may well be the only stop you need to make. Each of the properties located here are constructed with the highest of standards and the architectural design is fabulous. Add this to the view from the island and the perfect south Florida weather and your paradise is found.

The Miami Beach waterfront homes are secluded yet close to Miami Beach which allows everything you need to practically be at your fingertips. The famous South Beach shops and restaurants as well as the beaches are within easy access. The island caters to many boating enthusiasts who cruise the Biscayne Bay in their expensive watercraft and enjoy south Florida living. It is an easy lifestyle. The Miami Beach waterfront homes on this island were build specifically for owners who appreciate the exclusivity of island living. The road that leads to the properties on Hibiscus Island is just as secluded as the homes. They have realized the purpose for which they were built. Originally as the way to provide a perfect location for people to build the home of their dreams and to live in luxurious seclusion, was the reason for the Venetian Islands.

Called Venetian Islands due to the many luxury standards associated with this name in the South Florida area, Hibiscus Island keeps up quite nicely. In keeping with the location of Miami Beach waterfront homes sought for the ultimate in selective living accommodations, this is the perfect place to call home.

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