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Let's hop over to our neighbor to the north, Broward County instead of focusing on Miami Beach condos for this one. Broward County is the home of the city of Hollywood. Hollywood is home to a roadway that also happens to be called Ocean Drive which functions as the location of the Trump Hollywood condo.

Trump Hollywood shares some qualities with Miami Beach condos, namely its developer The Related Group. However, while they're well known for their many condo projects and while the Trump name certainly gives the building some extra importance, Trump Hollywood impresses all on its own thanks to its excellent location on more than 200 feet of sun-kissed beachfront, ultra modern features and residences that virtually emanate style and comfort. In fact, the majority of units all have at least three bedrooms.

The same way that Miami Beach condos on Ocean Drive are near some of the city's best sights and sounds, so is Trump Hollywood. You can always sunbathe on the beach or explore to the north and south the building. Young Circle is nearby which is considered part of the downtown Hollywood area. You'll find plenty of bars, restaurants, shopping and a park that frequently hosts live events.

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