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When it comes to classic Miami Beach condos, you may have a hard time finding anything that comes close to rivaling the classic Bath Club condo. This building's history goes all the way back to the 1920s and to this day remains one of the top choices among the many condos for sale in the barrier island. With its 2005 remodeling and improvements, it's one of the best buildings you can choose from.

The Bath Club throws in a huge assortment of amenities that range from what you'd find in most Miami Beach condos like swimming pools and fitness facility to standout features like a gourmet market, a ballroom, billiards and much more. Bath Club also offers a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to residential options, offering units with up to five bedrooms if you need something large and spacious. To add just the right finishing touch, Bath Club is right by the beach.

To learn more about the Bath Club condo or other Miami Beach condos, please click here.

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