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Star Island is an incredible Miami Beach private island; but why do the rich and famous – who can pretty much live anywhere they would like – choose star island as their residence of choice? From the island’s name alone – you can infer that this particular community is popular with celebrities or “stars” as they are often called. However, there are specific qualities associated with Star Island that make it a haven for celebrities ranging from world famous movie stars, to champion athletes. Listed below are four reasons the rich and famous make Star Island their home:

Exclusivity: Star Island homes are accessible by gate guarded bridge off the MacArthur Causeway between Miami Beach and the Miami mainland. The location is not only extremely private, but also very close to fine dining, exciting entertainment and world class shopping offered by both Miami and Miami Beach.

Good Neighbors: If you are wealthy or famous, you’ll find yourself in similar company on Star Island. Celebrities and other high-profile figures enjoy the privacy but also live in a community of similar and likeminded people. You may find yourself living next door to a famous pop singer or professional athlete living in one of Star Island’s quality waterfront mansions.

Architecture: Star Island homes have breathtaking designs that range from ultra-modern waterfront mansions to classic Mediterranean-style estates with great waterfront views of Miami Beach and Downtown Miami skyline.

Acreage: Of all the quality Miami Beach private islands, Star Island has perhaps some of the largest plots of land available. This provides more dock space for large yachts and a larger area for outdoor living space. This is very important for stars looking to take advantage of the year-round warm weather in Miami Beach.

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