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The Jills Recognized Nationally As Top Sales Team

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Tags:   The Jills, Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

The Jills have long been synonymous with luxury. Wealth clients from around the globe flock to Miami for its shimmering turquoise beaches, glamorous lifestyle, and stunning real estate. And who do they call to find them the perfect luxury property? The Jills. The Jills are not only the number one sales team in the realm of Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate, but the top sales in the nation!

Last year alone, the seemingly perfect partnership between Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg led to nearly $552 million in residential sales. When considered alone, this number is absolutely jaw dropping. But when compared to the highest grossing real estate team in New York, a city known for prices much higher than Miami, who brought in just over $338 million, The Jills’ $552 million is nothing short of mind blowing. What’s more the second highest ranking team in the Miami area came in at $132 million.

For some two decades, The Jills have been at the forefront of the industry, following the vibrant growth of the glamorous Miami real estate market. Throughout the years, The Jills have been able to establish their brand as an enduring and trusted one. The Jills have helped some of the biggest names find their perfect luxury Miami homes, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Robert Toll. Through their hard work and commitment to understanding and staying on top of the market, The Jills have truly created a name for themselves that will go hand in hand with luxury real estate for years to come.

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