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View Venetian Islands Update

Welcome to the August Island Update for the Venetian Islands! Your who what where guide to re...Continued...

Tags:  Venetian Islands, just listed, san marino drive

Tags:  Continuum, south of fifth, sofi, Miami Beach real estate

Tags:  sunset island 1, sunset one, Sunset Islands

The Jills are pleased to announce the sale of 1647 North View Drive on Sunset Island 1 for $10.1 million. It is the highest sold price in the Sunset Islands for the last 12 months. The estate has five bedrooms and five baths with three half baths within 9,944 square feet of interior space. It is located on a 22,580 square foot lot and offers over ...Continued...

Tags:  Miami Beach real estate, 68 La Gorce Circle, La Gorce Island


Tags:  Coral Gables, 1 Casuarina, Gables Estates

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Reason #1: The tight knit community- Being that it’s in fact the oldest...

Arguably, some of the most attractive features of South Florida are the turquoise...

Gadget #1: The Litter-Robot III Open Air- Cats arerelatively low...