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The Coldwell Banker Elite Sales Club Meeting Presented ‘Second Generation Selling’ as Keynote Speakers

Thursday, April 21, 2016
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On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, Danny and Hillary Hertzberg were honored as the keynote speakers of the Coldwell Banker’s Elite Sales Club Meeting that took place in Weston, Florida. Before the speakers’ presentation, many of South Florida’s top producers mingled and enjoyed a wonderful lunch hosted by Rose and Dean Sklar at a beautiful home that they recently sold. After about 45 minutes of networking, Danny and Hillary took the stage and began recounting their individual and then joint journeys into the world of real estate. They began by giving a candid description of their childhood, inherently immersed in real estate. “On our way to school or soccer practice, we would often stop at showings or open houses and we would frequently listen to our mom talk real estate on the phone,” said Danny Hertzberg referring to his mother, Jill Hertzberg of The Jills. From a very early age, they picked up an abundance of knowledge, more than they even knew they were acquiring.

Originally, Danny wanted to pursue a career in law, but it wasn’t until after he received his J.D. / M.B.A. from the University of Miami that he fell in love with the industry he was born into. Having become quite technologically savvy while in graduate school, Danny Hertzberg noticed that The Jills website wasn’t as effective as it could be and brought this to his mother’s and Jill Eber’s attention. He decided to lead the team in the creation of a new website and the more he got involved, the more passionate he became. He began his real estate career as a showing agent for The Jills team and it wasn’t long before he was a full-time real estate sales associate, working with his own buyers and sellers. His deep understanding of digital marketing and his true appreciation for traditional print advertising were some of his biggest assets, differentiating The Jills from the rest of the competition. Danny was in it for the long-term, and despite starting during a financial crisis, he was able to achieve remarkable results and was selected by Forbes to be on the prestigious 30 Under 30 list.

Hillary, on the other hand, always knew that she wanted to work in real estate. “Even as a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a realtor like my mom. I was fascinated by the industry and loved everything about it,” she said. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, she moved to New York City where she worked in digital media and online advertising for Comcast/NBC in order to gain some outside expertise. It was here that she learned the importance of not only being active in the digital sphere but also delivering a digital message that resonated with the consumer. A few years later, Hillary moved back to Miami with creative, fresh new ideas about how to effectively market and advertise The Jill’s properties and brand. While implementing these techniques, she started showing properties for the team, like her brother had done some years before. She began with rentals and then started working with buyers and sellers, learning a great deal of knowledge from the team and particularly her brother during this time. “He was such an incredible mentor and really took the time to teach me everything he knew. In turn, I wanted to add value to him by writing copy, editing advertising materials, and helping out with anything he needed,” Hillary said. That’s the beautiful thing about working with family- they genuinely have each other’s best interest at heart.

Soon enough, they realized how well they complemented each other and they decided to work hand in hand. They began putting their digital marketing skills to the test at broker’s opens, creating ‘social media hot spots’ where they would post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag the other brokers. All the brokers that were there would do the same thing, causing the platforms to erupt with activity. As their posts generated more and more traction, they decided to start a campaign titled, ‘Second Generation Selling,’ bringing awareness to the fact that they were the next generation of The Jills. It transcended from being a simple hashtag, to getting copied across the country, to ultimately becoming a trademarked emblem of their brand. Danny and Hillary’s brand as the Second Generation Selling continues to get stronger and their digital tactics are now tried and proven. They’ve received multiple leads through their social media platforms and both have top-notch websites that perfectly illustrate their listings, personal biographies, services offered, charitable contributions, client testimonials, and more. They’ve both earned their own stripes in the industry through the use of innovative techniques, professional demeanor, and outstanding service to their clients.

For Danny and Hillary, working as a family is certainly a strength and a blessing. “If you have a strong relationship with your family members, than family business is the best. The level of trust we have is unparalleled and we only want the best for each other,” stated Danny. While being a family doesn’t make you immune to the hardships of business relationships, it undoubtedly helps when you have innate mutual respect for each other and understand the importance of real teamwork. Having a cohesive company culture is also imperative, increasing productivity and happiness. “We embrace the Google culture and go on team retreats together,” said Hillary, adding, “we also highly recommend reading the book E-Myth as it highlights the importance of defining specific roles and holding oneself accountable.” Family vacations are another crucial factor in keeping the interpersonal relationships of family business cohesive. Danny and Hillary take an annual family trip with their entire family to Colorado where they hike and spend quality time together. While they try their best to disconnect from work, they do check in and check out with their office every morning and evening. “We really pride ourselves on being able to work so well together and it’s absolutely a major component of our collective successes,” said Danny. Having created such a robust partnership within a close-knit family team has surely helped Danny and Hillary set themselves up for success, and they’re just getting started. The future of real estate will definitely remain in great hands with the second generation of The Jills!

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