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The Allure of Tahiti Beach

Wednesday, February 07, 2018
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Coral Gables, Florida seems to exist in another time period. A time when astute attention was placed on ensuring every minuscule aspect of the neighborhood looked absolutely inviting. From its beautiful homes to the impeccably tree-lined streets, the city has rightfully earned its moniker of “City Beautiful”.

Speaking of beautiful homes, Coral Gables is home to some of the most elegant residences in South Florida, known as much for their luxury and architecture as their privacy. In terms of privacy, few communities match the allure of Tahiti Beach found within the larger gated community of Cocoplum, Because of its unique “community within a community” quality, Tahiti Beach maintains an aura of mystique and an exceptionally high degree of exclusivity. Celebrities such as Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Award-winning singer and actress Cher once called Tahiti Beach home.

Besides its virtually unrivaled privacy, Tahiti Beach’s waterfront homes have another unique trait: the architecture. Each of the homes effortlessly fuses a multitude of architectural styles together to create some of the grandest homes in all of South Florida. Many of these homes sit on massive lots spanning well over 20,000 square feet and come with plenty of upscale features like grand foyers, boat docks, huge pools, and much more.

For avid boating enthusiasts, the Tahiti Beach homes either directly face the waters of Biscayne Bay or they are situated on canals that allow easy access to it. The community also boasts a delightful park perfect for a picnic, a tennis club, and even a small beach to relax in.

This update is by Danny Hertzberg of The Jills team which includes Jill Eber, Jill Hertzberg, Hillary Hertzberg, and Felise Eber. Call 305-341-7447 for more information about The Jills team, Miami Beach real estate, or the upscale homes of Tahiti Beach in Coral Gables.

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