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Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club


FOR SALE: Historic, Mediterranean-style waterfront clubhouse on tony Hibiscus Island. Two lots, 11,000 SF, with kitchen, dining room, bar, dance floor, dock . . . ¡ 79 years' worth of fishing tradition.

The Miami Beach Rod ¡ Reel Club headquarters was put on the market last week for $15 million -- a victim of rising property taxes ¡ shrinking membership.

''It's sad, but what are you going to do?'' said Steve Tunstall, a 20-year member ¡ club attorney.

With 53 equity members ¡ another 150 or so associate members, the club's $200,000 annual real estate taxes -- not to mention insurance, upkeep ¡ salaries for a half dozen full- ¡ part-time workers -- got to be too much, according to Tunstall. He said equity members are paying $2,000 annually in dues, while others pay less.

Tunstall said a listing agreement was signed Wednesday with waterfront specialists Jill Hertzberg ¡ Jill Eber.

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