Updated: Friday, September 04, 2015

Heart Of HOA Volunteerism
Written By: Richard Thompson

At the heart of every homeowner association is the principle of "volunteerism". It is a noble calling which calls for personal sacrifice: giving up self interest for the greater good. Americans, arguably the most self-indulgent citizens of the world, have a curious ability to rise to the occasion and give of themselves. Americans donate consider...

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White Kitchens: Country Style vs. Modern Chic
Written By: Merri Cvetan

Youve decided to take the plunge and remodel your kitchen - perhaps your current space is a >Kitchen remodeling can be very expensive, so you want to choose your materials and design carefully. >White is a >Two popular design trends today are Country Kitchen and Modern Chic. So how do you choose?So much depends upon your personal taste and >Lets...

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FICO Scores and Mortgage Interest Rates
Written By: Blanche Evans

If you want to take advantage of todays low interest rates, you must qualify for your rates with attractive credit scores. High credit scores are earned through on-time credit payments, carefully managing debt, and keeping accounts in good standing, among other means.Back in the 1980s, The Fair Isaac Company developed software that issues credit...

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The Politics of Parking: How The Garage Is Undermining Big City Economies
Written By: Jesse Miller

If theres one thing big cities have in common its traffic. Its just the price you to pay for booming development, attractive services, and ample employment opportunities. For the millions of people who live in places like New York, Los Angeles, and the metro areas of San Francisco or Seattle, crowds, traffic, and parking problems are just a norm...

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9 Reasons You Need To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Right Now
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Theyre gross, theyre grimy, and theyre dragging the rest of your kitchen down with them. Theyre your kitchen cabinets, and they alone could keep you from getting a decent price on your home - if you can sell it at all. If youre getting ready to list your home and your REALTOR has told you that kitchen is a buyer repeller, you may have all the re...

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Dont Fall For the Wrong Home
Written By: Blanche Evans

When you go shopping for homes in the fall, you have some advantages. Buyer traffic has slowed with the start of schools. Sellers whove had their homes on the long hot summer market are weary of trying to sell their homes and more willing to drop prices. Your REALTOR has more time for you, and is telling you about good deals in better neighborho...

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Selling With A Contingency
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question. We have been trying to sell our house for several months, and have just received an offer. The price is right, but the buyer wants the contract to be contingent on the sale of her own house. Our real estate broker has suggested that she could list the buyers property, and would probably be able to sell that house quickly. What do you t...

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The Jills are pleased to announce the listing of 55 East San Marino...

The Jills are pleased to announce a new Venetian Islands waterfront listing,...

The Jills are pleased to announce the listing of 421 East San Marino...