Updated: Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Heavy Breathing and Heavy Lifting: Our Faves From The 2016 IKEA Catalog
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

It was just a normal summer Thursday, but then I came home to a mailbox bonanza that changed a just whatever day into a FREAKING AWESOME NIGHTRight there, mingled with a bunch of stuff I didnt even bother to look at, was 328 pages of YES The 2016 IKEA catalog.Commence heavy breathing.In this house, we wear out our yearly catalog. Pages that esca...

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10 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Mosquitoes are annoying. Thats not news to anyone. They can make it hard to enjoy the outdoors, what with their swarming, biting, and disease carrying. Which is a shame, since, in many areas, theres a limited amount of time to enjoy the sunshine before the shivery cold winter descends again.There are some ways to keep mosquitoes contained, or at...

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The Key Ingredient In a Luxury Studio Apartment
Written By: Karen Miranda

When it comes to renting a studio apartment most people think of cramped spaces, and a lack of privacy. But if youre one of the lucky ones and you can find a luxury studio apartment, you might be pleasantly surprised. Not only do they provide you with far more amenities than you might imagine, they can be so comfortable that you may find yoursel...

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What Happens When Property Is Not Deeded Into a Trust
Written By: Bob Hunt

These days it is not unusual for people to hold their real estate and other assets in a trust. Regrettably, it is also not unusual for many of the same people to neglect to actually place their assets into that trust.This can happen when one acquires a new parcel of real estate. For example, the mortgage lender may not want the borrower to be a ...

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Three Sanity-Saving Tips For Moving-In Day
Written By: PJ Wade

No matter how intensely you prepare for moving day, you may still face problems if you overlook three sanity-defeating challenges. Can you and your partner really think clearly when swamped by distractions, exhaustion, and disorientation?If the ramped-up activity of moving day represents less pressure than a typical day for you, youll probably f...

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Ask The HOA Expert
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: We apply barkmulch to our planting beds every year. A member complaints of the smell, dust and sloppy application by the contractor. What are your suggestions?Answer: In cooler, wetter climates, barkmulch application to planting beds is highly advisable. Besides consistency in look and curb appeal, it has several practical functions of...

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Updating Condominium Bylaws Is a Tall Order
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question: I have just been elected to the Board of Directors of our Condominium Association. There are 125 units in the complex, and I have just spent last night reading our Bylaws. They were written in the early 1970s, and I am concerned they are not current.I do not believe they adequately address all of the issues that our Board will be facin...

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